FOMUDA is the premier destination for multi-cultural food, music and dance events across the Pacific. The brand is also the exclusive national event host for FomudaFest where select winners of each competing category have the opportunity to represent Australia at the FOMUDA World Cultural Championships in Oahu, Hawaii.


Choosing cultural inspiration for building a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

FOMUDA was created in 2014 as a street wear brand. In 2016 we rebranded to combine the three main pillars for all cultural celebration as FOod MUsic DAnce. In 2017, the inaugural FOMUDA event was officially launched in Sydney, Australia and attracted a crowd of 3,500+.

Connecting through collaboration and shared experience.

The purpose of these events is to reinforce and promote inclusion, a sense of belonging, and an acceptance into a community in order to steer the youth away from gang-related activities as well as criminal and drug related acts. Participating in FomudaFest not only benefits the students and their schools, but is also engages parents, elders, and surrounding communities. By supporting these events, they can participate in extending the teaching and knowledge of their (and others’) cultures, assist in volunteering, and teach the language.

Our highlights

  • 2016 Pacfest funded by Fomuda

  • 2017 Fomuda Festival, Liverpool, NSW 

  • 2018 Polyfest Australia High School Regionals in ACT, NSW and QLD 

  • 2019 Fomuda Festival, Liverpool

  • 2019 Polyfest Australia National High School Cultural Championship

  • 2019 Fomuda Festival Primary Schools Cultural Showcase

  • 2020 Fomuda Festival Regional Competition

  • 2020 Fomuda World Cultural Championships in Hawaii


Past Events


PacFest 2016/2017

PACFEST (Pacific Australian Culture Festival) is officially the largest annual multicultural schools festival across Australia. The inaugural festival started in 2014 with only 8 high schools and to date, there are now over 20 competing high schools.

This event is a unique community festival embracing the mantra “It takes a village to raise a child”.  We believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring young people in disadvantaged communities have the chance to thrive and have a positive significant impact within their families, community and society.

Polyfest australia 2018/2019

Polyfest Australia is a competitive High School and College performing arts event of World Indigenous and Pacific Island performances. A first-time event in Australia; a National cultural competition is established to raise awareness of Pacific and World Indigenous cultures to engage with youth of multi-cultural background. 

Her Hon. Consulate General Louise Waterhouse officially launched Polyfest Australia on 2 March 2018 in Sydney NSW. The Polyfest event and program operates across Australia allowing all High School and College students the opportunity to partake in a unique cultural, team-building project aimed at improving youth identity and engage with education and community activities through cultural performing arts.

Each performance will reflect the chosen theme in the following cultural categories: Indigenous World, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands and New Zealand Maori. Upon registration, each school group are responsible for communicating, researching, organising, planning, problem solving and working together to comply by the rules of the competition and produce a performance for their respective category of choice. This team effort will assist students and staff involved to overcome the challenges that arise in a performing arts production of this magnitude.